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    It isn't easy to train your puppy, but if you want your life with the dog to be happy, he needs to be trained. An undisciplined pet can be unmanageable, disrupting the harmony of the family and, in an extreme case, the dog's behaviour may necessitate his removal from the home. As owner of the dog, it is your responsibility to train it, and to do so properly and promptly. Do not delay training until fido starts to act up and cause problems.thehappypooch.com has some nice tips on this. Training should begin the day your pet becomes a part of the family. To have a well-trained dog you can be proud of, commit to a plan and a schedule. Develop a routine. Don't give up because the going gets tough or you lose patience.


    Appropriate dog training and obedience training will reward you, your family and your dog with many advantages. Everyone will benefit. One of the biggest advantages is that the dog you have will be one that you will love to have at home. On the other hand, if you neglect your dog's training, you will have to put up with natural, undisciplined dog conduct - yapping and whining, gnawing on everything, digging holes, wandering off, biting and scratching, and much more.


    Allowing a dog to behave badly by not training him, reflects on you. You may begin to dislike the animal which could perpetuate more behaviour problems. His behaviour will not just be upsetting to you, but the results of your dog's behaviour will cause you a lot of undue stress. A dog that digs your flowers up, chews on your furniture, and disappears up the street at every opportunity is just not a satisfactory pet. Untrained dogs may not obey their owners. It's a sad fact that some families must place their dogs elsewhere because they have failed to correct their pets' bad behaviour.


    By failing to train your dog you do him a great disservice. Give your dog the tools he needs to become an obedient, well-trained member of the family. The time you spend training your dog will be very gratifying. Dogs love to please their owners, so take advantage of that. Dogs are naturally curious too. One who doesn't respond to commands or come when called can get into dangerous situations, often risking injury or death.

    Dogs love exercise and it's required for their health. It’s natural for them to want to run and explore. Walk your pet daily and keep him leashed, this will remove the risk of him escaping and being struck by a car. If a dog gets loose, he may become distracted and be incapable of finding his way home. Life on the street is brutal for a dog. It's possible he could succumb to disease, starvation or malnutrition. There is also the possibility that the dog will be caught by the dogcatcher and put to sleep.


    Those are only a sampling of the misadventures that can come to an untrained pet. Dogs should be given only safe toys and treats. Chewing is not only destructive but can be hazardous to a dog. This in turn can lead to poisoning or intestinal blockage if the wrong items are eaten.


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